I assume you mean 05/06
by jt (2014-12-30 11:23:55)
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  In reply to: Many folks attribute CW's 95/96 success to Ty's fundamentals  posted by ndgotrobbedin97

I would agree somewhat with 05 in that we were fundamentally sound but not 06. We could credit the 4th and 5th years recruited by Davie I suppose.

As it relates to your statement about playing fundamentally sound but not recruiting or scheming well enough to get to a national title game, I suppose my point is this--at ND and with the players we get you cannot recruit to the national title game and unless you are a mastermind you likely won't scheme your way there either. It can't be those two alone--we need the discipline. We don't get the kids that the southern schools get and so we'll be at a disadvantage on raw talent. If we have the talent we can get (and have been getting) and combine that with solid fundamental football with a better than average scheme than I think we have a chance.


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