Our HC's delusional view that he has a knack for...
by Scoop80 (2014-12-30 11:11:33)
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  In reply to: Kelly has a Midas touch managing the QB position  posted by ACross

developing QB's is the program's biggest problem, BY FAR, at present. No other problem even comes close. 2013 could've been a good year if BK had limited Rees's role and utilized a quality OL and some excellent RB's. This year would've finished a hell of a lot better had the load been lessened on Golson and increased on Folston and Bryant.

BK is 0/3 w/ Crist, Rees, and Golson, and he's 0/4 if you count Kiel. BK's failure to consider a different approach under those circumstances is killing this program.


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