I think you missed the main point. The fear of being
by btd (2014-12-30 10:55:42)
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  In reply to: One mop up half in a blowout game gives you this confidence?  posted by JClarke

replaced by Zaire may have been enough to get Golson to modify his behavior more. The interceptions may still have happened -- since Kelly still would throw way too much. The fumbles were entirely within Golson's control to stop and he simply did not/does not care enough to stop.

IMO, simply pulling him the exact same way Kelly did in 2012 could have had the same effect. Even if we lost the first couple of games anyway (whereas Rees actually rescued us in 2012), the modified behavior may have led to one or two less turnovers per game the rest of the season and a few more wins.


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