To me it is a smart move. Until proven otherwise, Zaire
by BAC69 (2014-12-30 10:46:21)
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  In reply to: Zaire starting-smart move or desperation move?  posted by MikeKelley

is more likely to run with the ball, hand it off, or throw an un-intercepted pass--i.e. less likely to turn the ball over.

What ND doesn't need is to start off this game, where it is a huge underdog, with a couple quick turnovers. If ND can hang onto the ball and move it, maybe score some points, they may be able to at least hang in with LSU. If they come out fumbling and bumbling spotting LSU a couple TDs after turnovers, the team will give up before they even get started. It will be like "here we go again." The team needs to have some plays, maybe a quarter of decent play, to establish the idea in their head that they can play against LSU's best--which LSU will definitely be putting on the field at the start of the game.

I expect conservative, safe plays called so as to prevent an early blowout. I like the strategy. Getting the team to play, offensively and defensively, with confidence should be at the top of Kelly's priority list, win or lose. Right now I have concern about the overall morale and confidence of this team as it heads toward 2015. Kelly has to get those factors back or next year will, I'm afraid, be a huge bust regardless of talent.


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