by HTownND (2014-12-30 10:31:44)
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  In reply to: What type of block was the Oline attempting?  posted by BigNDfan

This is not correct

"The Oline dove low at Martini in attempt to block him"

Go back and watch it real time. Is it your position that the OL, two yards away from Martini and already going down, is diving to block Martini, and that he's not heading down because of contact from behind?

I'll make this really easy, he wasn't trying to cut block Martini at that point.

Here from real time, he's caught up in the pile, Martini is several yards away and he's already got his head down. Do you really really really want to argue that he was diving at Martini's legs to block him at this point?

If you watch the video, it's pretty clear, the contact from the RB/pile pushes him forward, towards Martini who then knicks him into Schmidt's leg. It wasn't the result of some bullshit dirty scheme or cut block attempt, it was a fluke play where a guy gets drilled from behind, falls forward and because of contact lands on the back of Schmidt's leg, who is playing the RB while trying to shed a different block.

I also don't need a beer, what I do need is someone like you, who has shown time and time and time again, that despite being a "big fan", you don't know very much about the game, trying to correct me.

Like I said, just put me on ignore, and stop wasting my time.


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