typical Kelly move
by JClarke (2014-12-30 10:29:59)
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  In reply to: Zaire starting-smart move or desperation move?  posted by MikeKelley

I'd respect the Head Coach a lot more if he came out in support of his QB when the easy thing to do is blame him. If Zaire is the better QB, I suspect we would have seen him long ago, sometime around ASU and giving him his first start in a freaking bowl game is vintage Kelly. Take your eyes off of me and the abominable coaching job I've done. Pay no mind to half the team giving up and going through the motions. Pay no mind to missed tackles and untouched rushers and zero special teams for the 5th fing year in a row....Kelly does what his instincts always tell him to do, blame someone else. I loath the man more than I loath the coach.


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