True. There is one minor difference though
by btd (2014-12-30 10:20:51)
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  In reply to: Should he leave that will be a further negative datapoint  posted by cujays96

that probably in the end will not matter sans a change to the run-pass practice and game focus. I really do think Zaire is the first QB Kelly has had that on paper has the raw skills to run the full spread offense.

The others all lacked the capacity to run the read option well. If you are going to run the spread offense Kelly appears to desire to run, it has little hope of working well sans the read option being a true threat. Thus, Zaire has a tiny chance of being a more successfull QB in this system over time.

The problem I have is I don't think ND can consistently beat elite teams with such a soft offense. I think the elite teams can defend the spread more times than not because they have the raw athletic talent to cover the whole field and usually spread offenses make mistakes if you force them to run 10+ plays per drive.

To me, it doesn't matter if our QB can run Kelly's offense. Kelly's offense is incapable of getting ND to 14-0. The one time we were 12-0 we didn't run Kelly's offense -- and we had a defense that enabled us to win with 20 points per game.


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