Going back to 2000
by HTownND (2014-12-30 10:15:01)
Edited on 2014-12-30 10:49:16
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  In reply to: My point had nothing to do with who they play in the future  posted by TCFC

They have played 16 different Big 5 teams a total of 49 games, from the SEC, Pac 12, Big Ten, Big East and ACC. If you include us, it's 17 teams and 63 games.

Georgia Tech 2
BC 3
Rutgers 9
Wake Forest 6
NC State 1
Northwestern 1
Duke 8
Uconn 2
Vandy 2
Maryland 2
Stanford 2
Pitt 4
Ohio State 1
South Carolina 1
Penn St 1
Indiana 2

I guess we can argue about a "whole lot", but they aren't Notre Dame, so as an independent, they have to put some bottom feeders on there. Moreover, they have to hold three spots for Notre Dame, Army and Air Force each year.

Looking at their schedule they have played a good mix of power 5 teams each year and a bunch of scrubs, which is to be expected for an independent not named Notre Dame.


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