Poor evidence. I don't have an issue with 15 minutes
by TonyBullets (2014-12-30 10:04:51)

In reply to: Special Teams Emphasis...  posted by dbldomer7375

on special teams meetings vs. 1 hour on offense/defense - that seems like a reasonable ratio. (If you look at special teams yardage per game, you're probably around 100 to 150 vs 400 to 500 on offense and defense - a similar 1:4 ratio) I probably have more of an issue sticking the junior guy on special teams - I think this is an area where you want a seasoned vet or a genius "young Meyer" type.

I'd also like to know how much we spend in the actual practice time? I'd assume the ratios are similar (15 minutes vs 1 hour) but who knows.

One hypothesis - because we actually expect our kids to go to class, they don't have as much time to study and thus any extra time goes to studying offense & defense vs getting ready for special teams.