Yes, taxpayers of public schools should revolt ...
by shamrock (2014-12-30 09:40:04)
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  In reply to: anyone else put off by the money being paid  posted by jt

There is no way taxpayer money should be spent this way. And, don't pretend that just because it comes from one pocket or another that taxpayer money is not being used.

States are broke. The Fed govt is deep in debt, yet the public state and federally funded school will be paying $8m for a football coach. It is obscene as the high schools in Texas funding outrageous football stadia while failing to provide proper school materials.

These salaries threaten the viability of the sport by making calls for paid (professional) players more and more sympathetic. Because ND will never do this, I strongly oppose.

Lastly, the salaries are helping to push up ticket prices and making it less affordable for families to attend games. I believe this has already had big impact on ticket sales - there were a lot of empty seats all over the country. Just ask Michigan.


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