Your question should have been asked ...
by CJC (2014-12-30 09:33:34)
Edited on 2014-12-30 09:34:12
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  In reply to: If we get pantzed tomorrow....  posted by txndfan82

asked after last year's Rutgers debacle.

Last season was largely a disgrace, and it certainly didn't end on a high or encouraging note.

I don't mean to suggest that Swarbrick should have fired Kelly after last season, but the distinct possibility that Kelly is incapable of producing consistently excellent teams was undeniable at that point.

Therefore, that same question should have been revisited at halftime of the Arizona State game (prompted not only by the first-half performance, but by the team's overall uneven performance to that point of the season).

That question should have been raging in the forefront of Swarbrick's mind throughout the month of November.

Today's game has nothing to do with it. LSU's players may decide that they're not interested in playing in 41-degree weather and do a reprise of Miami in the 2010 Sun Bowl, setting the stage for a Notre Dame victory.

And that sure as hell wouldn't change my opinion about Brian Kelly one damn bit.

The notion that Swarbrick should first be pondering this question would be absurd -- if it weren't so entirely possible.


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