At what point do we put some responsibility on the players?
by Ty Webb (2014-12-30 08:58:04)
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  In reply to: The issue for me is the idea of "getting an education"  posted by PA_DoubleD

You see it over and over in this debate. That the schools are exploiting the kids and not educating them and the like.

And I guess there is definitely some truth to that, but the argument almost always seems to excuse the players themselves from any responsibility as if they are mindless robots shuttled about college campuses.

FSU is often looked at as one of those rogue schools. And yet, Myron Rolle attended FSU, decided to put in the effort in the classroom and was named a Rhodes Scholar.

I don't deny that schools can and should do a better job in providing resources for kids to get an education but they are not to blame entirely. Many of these kids, by their own free will, try to take the easy way out because either they are lazy, don't give a shit, think they will punch a NFL ticket, whatever.

It's time to stop blaming everything on the big, bad colleges.


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