It's disgusting. I believe television has been the game...
by ndmck (2014-12-30 07:39:06)
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  In reply to: anyone else put off by the money being paid  posted by jt

changer. Used to be one NCAA game of the week, and a handful of bowl games. Now virtually every game is televised and there is an avalanche of network and sponsor money. Free market? College football is not a free market. It is a highly regulated business that pays virtually nothing for its star performers. The regs are a wall protecting the money from the players. It's quaint to think that the regs protect the players, but it's wrong. A coach's $8 million annual salary is reasonably related to the cash avalanche. Scholarships for the performers is quaint, frugal and in the context of the cash avalanche an embarrassing pittance. Notre Dame is distinguished by its use and application of football revenues for University development. I wonder if that is sustainable in the context of a college football arms race. I don't like the idea of following the lead of Alabama and Coach Saban. As with many of you, I don't know what to do about this change.


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