I think we are stuck for a year.
by Bruno95 (2014-12-30 07:38:26)
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  In reply to: If we get pantzed tomorrow....  posted by txndfan82

Which we may yet be thankful for. We are at our lowest point since the loss to FSU in the 2011 bowl game, and 2012 turned out pretty well. (I donned protective gear before typing that)

I don't think he's added any value this season, but the outside perception seems to focus on the hand he was dealt, not the way he played the cards.

On top of that, do you think we have any developed succession plan in place? Michigan has been working on Harbaugh for at least a month, and he went to school there. I want ND to get this next hire right, whenever that date may come.

They need to sit down and think hard about what they want to be, who can get them to that point, and how they can sell that coach on the job. Dumping Kelly for losing this bowl game we all expect to lose might be seen as premature by some, but it'd also be awfully late in terms of hiring his replacement.


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