BK is an excellent institutional fit for ND at this point.
by AFA91 (2014-12-30 00:01:13)
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  In reply to: Give Kelly 30 days to game plan  posted by Azars31

A growing proportion of the fan base only peripherally cares about winning and football excellence, but really just wants to get a picture of their precious baby inside ND stadium in its equally precious and freshly purchased official gear from the book store.

Meanwhile institutional leadership prioritises its ever-improving position, status, etc., among its peers. The last thing it wants is any sort of news or behaviour from the football programme that might embarrass our dear leaders on the wine-and-cheese circuit.

Cash flow is good, very good, without excellence on the field. BK is low-risk and understands how to colour within the lines (i.e., he obeys the rules of the sandbox as delineated by leadership).

Those of us with a proper sense of standards for the programme need to focus on the glories of its history.


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