How much do you want to pay him? Saying you want him
by Raoul (2014-12-29 20:09:42)
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  In reply to: Sure, a bad half-game easily outweighs a 16-year career  posted by ShermanOaksND

over Kelly is easy, especially at the same price (though Kelly makes less)

Big Game Bob is making $5.3M a year (plus a contract buyout if you want him). More than Meyer, though not the $7M Saban gets.

I would much rather pay $8M a year to Saban, Meyer or Harbaugh than even pay $5.3M to Stoops. Note: Michigan had no buyout in Harbaugh.

It is not enough to put someone on "the list". You have to calibrate what they are worth to your school and program. What you would pay them? And what you would allocate to the assistant pool (UM rumored to have given Harbaugh up to $5M a year for his assistants pool vs. less than $3M currently)


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