"schembechler recognized early that Jim Harbaugh was
by cj (2014-12-29 19:59:34)
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was something special."

"He was an ornery little devil when I first knew him," Schembechler told the Los Angeles Times in a 1986 article before the Rose Bowl. "He was always under foot, getting in everybody's way. If I kicked him out of the locker room once, I kicked him out a dozen times, but he always came back."

Schembechler related an amusing anecdote to the Times, remembering one day when he stepped into his office and found Harbaugh, then a 9-year-old, with his feet propped on the coach's desk.

Schembechler said, "Well, how are you doing today, Jim?"

Harbaugh responded, "I'm doing fine, Bo. How are you doing?"

Schembechler said he later told Jack Harbaugh about the incident, adding, "You know, I like that boy of yours. I like his attitude."


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