I don't know about Under Armor but NBC is more than happy
by wearendhockey (2014-12-29 19:29:35)
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  In reply to: I'm certain of two corporations that will point it out  posted by quasimodo

They've been at this for more than two decades now, much of it with mediocre or bad ND teams. Often with ratings that crater as the season drags on. As long as we throw them a night game a season and let them drag the games to 4+ hours (two things ND has absolutely no problem doing) NBC appears perfectly content. My guess is since most Notre Dame fans and alums are sheep (most of the posters here are notable exceptions) and will continue to shell out hard earned bucks for the crap Under Armor is going to market, they will be happy also. 2 decades of under achieving on the football field has not harmed the bottom line at all. My guess is unless that under achieving turns into repeated seasons of 5 or fewer wins, it never will harm the bottom line.


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