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There is pretty good video evidence. If you think that guy landed on Scmidt untouched, I'm not sure what you were watching.

Go to the 10:00 mark of the third video.

1) there was contact with our player before he landed on Schmidt
2) if you think that was an attempted cut block on our LB, well I'm not sure how much football you watch, let alone understand.

Thanks for the video, I couldn't find it, but...
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it confirms what I said. The linemen is diving at Martini's legs. It looks like he may have got tangled up as he's attempting to dive to where he only gets a piece of him - then he basically lands on Schmidt. When I said "missed" a block, I didn't remember if he hit the other Irish player or not. I just remembered that it wasn't a clean dive and block.

Obviously other teams have their linemen throw blocks in similar fashion, but not at the level of Navy.

On your number 2, I appreciate the snarky comment, but Cut blocking is an offensive linemen trying to take out a defensive player by hitting their knees or lower. That's exactly what he's attempting to do in the play.

Holy hell
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Watch it before the replay. Watch that lineman. Watch what happens to him.

If he was trying to cut our guy he's the worst cutting OL I've ever seen. Navy players are better at cutting than that shit show. That was forced by contact not some bush league style of play.

As for you definition of a cut block being at or below the knees, now I know you don't know what you are talking about. I assure you no one at Navy or anywhere is taught to cut block that way. The point of focus is the outside thigh pad. Below the knee and your just a damn pig rolling around in the mud and are useless as tits on a bull. I've heard that expression , starting at a young age, more times than I care to remember. No one is ever taught to dive at ankles and knees as a cut block. That's just stupid.

Google how to cut block, I'm sure Navy even has videos out there. But until then simply put me on ignore and stop wasting both of our time. You obviously don't have the first clue what you are talking about.

What type of block was the Oline attempting?
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I completely understand the proper technique you're discussing as it relates to OLs and cut blocking DLs.

The Oline dove low at Martini in attempt to block him - how would you define it?

I also don't understand why you're so pissed - have a beer.

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This is not correct

"The Oline dove low at Martini in attempt to block him"

Go back and watch it real time. Is it your position that the OL, two yards away from Martini and already going down, is diving to block Martini, and that he's not heading down because of contact from behind?

I'll make this really easy, he wasn't trying to cut block Martini at that point.

Here from real time, he's caught up in the pile, Martini is several yards away and he's already got his head down. Do you really really really want to argue that he was diving at Martini's legs to block him at this point?

If you watch the video, it's pretty clear, the contact from the RB/pile pushes him forward, towards Martini who then knicks him into Schmidt's leg. It wasn't the result of some bullshit dirty scheme or cut block attempt, it was a fluke play where a guy gets drilled from behind, falls forward and because of contact lands on the back of Schmidt's leg, who is playing the RB while trying to shed a different block.

I also don't need a beer, what I do need is someone like you, who has shown time and time and time again, that despite being a "big fan", you don't know very much about the game, trying to correct me.

Like I said, just put me on ignore, and stop wasting my time.

I don't agree with your #2
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In regards to your #2, I rewatched the video (thanks for making me do that, I love rewatching injuries!) and it is clear that the OL is diving at Greer Martini. He catches a piece of Martini and then hits Schmidt's knee. Are you saying the OL was not trying to cut Martini, a LB? I agree that there was contact with Martini first before he hit Schmidt.

Cut blocking
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Is not diving hap hazardly in the air and missing wildly. That OL was not attempting to cut our other LB.

If you watch it real time you see why he went flying. But if that is how Navy teaches its OL to cut block then God help them, they suck. It's not wildly diving at knees. It's actually a pretty refined technique involving engaging the player first and then cutting to their legs. It sure as hell isn't Supermanning in the air hoping to knick an LB and missing wildly. He wasn't attempting to cut block our LB.

Maybe the guy cut blocks like you post.
by Tonybullets  (2014-12-30 00:55:40)     cannot delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

I kid - you do raise some good points, but it looked to me like a failed block and the kid happened to roll up on Schmidt.

Navy is a pox on our schedule and should be eliminated, the debt is 70 years repaid.

As displayed above
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The guy was in the pile, while the guy blocking Schmidt is already engaging Schmidt. He gets hit from behind which causes him to Superman foward, getting knicked by Martini onto Schmidt's leg.

Now, I'd love an ariel view of the play. My assumption is that he initially was doubling on the DL and trying to scrape to the LB (maybe). But if that is the case, he needed to get off that block much faster, because the RB is on his back (as it's a FB dive read from the QB). If his assignment was really to block Martini there, he screwed it up pretty bad, because he didn't get to the next level very quickly at all.

But that wasn't a cut block, there was contact from behind, from the RB/pile that propels him forward. In real time, you can see him get bounced out of the pile, and from the screen caps in the post above, you can see that the RB is on his back and has run into him. If his assignment was to block Martini, he was really really really really late getting there for a FB dive. I'd love to see the diagram that has someone attempting to cut block the backside LB for a FB dive.

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