For me it was the recent Swarbrick comments to the Observer
by wearendhockey (2014-12-29 15:53:44)
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  In reply to: Am I the only one who sees UM's hire as a last straw type situation?  posted by wiNDycityfan

For some reason I believe this was far more than the usual canned responses to softball questions lobbed by the student press. I actually think Swarbrick and the rest of the administration ARE satisfied with Kelly's performance. Barring multiple bad (meaning losing) seasons, this is it. Kelly will be here until he perceives something better has come along. That might be next year, or the next better thing might be retirement in another 6 or 7 years. As long as the stadium looks full on TV (it will as long as there are no fewer than 10,000 empty seats) and the vast majority of alums continue to act and feel nothing like most of NDNation does (they will), it will never change. IT. WILL. NEVER. CHANGE.

Get used to it indeed.


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