Kick return by ND out to the 15 yard line.
by Bellcon (2014-12-29 15:50:27)
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  In reply to: Here's a contest: predict the Kelly boner  posted by ACross

Run by Folston for 8 yards.

Run by Zaire on read option for 12 yards

Run by Folston for 11 yards.

Run by Bryant for 7 yards.

Zaire on the read option for 15 yards.

Run by Folston for 13 yards

Run by Zaire on read option for 15 yards down to the LSU 4 yard line.

Pull Zaire and put in Golson.

Empty backfield. Run jet sweep with Fuller to say he tried to run the ball in the red zone.

Empty backfield. Fade incomplete.

Empty backfield. Fade incomplete.

Purple face comes out. Yells at Golson. Golson walks away as Kelly is yelling at him.

New holder for field goals comes in.

Botched snap.

LSU ball going the other way.


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