We needed to practice that approach since August for it
by btd (2014-12-29 15:47:27)

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to have a chance of working against LSU now. You can't flip a switch and suddenly execute a power rushing attack well against an elite SEC defense. To run the ball well you need to live it the entire year so players will execute consistently well from OL to TE to RB to QB -- all in synch and doing from muscle memory.

I actually expect Kelly to try and run the ball against LSU. I expect him to call read option early and often too. I expect it to be a miserable failure because you can't perfect that in about 10 practices -- especially when you can't even field a first team defense during those practices.

LSU will eat us alive because we are incapable of executing running plays now and we also only have about 5 running plays independent of our ability to execute them. Had we practiced running the ball since August we would probably be an extremely good running team right now given:

1) We have two NFL level RBs
2) The QB that is starting shows signs of being able to execute read option -- mentally grasps how to do it
3) The OL we have are meant to be maulers. That's their DNA coming out of high school

We oddly enough probably would still be able to pass as well even with less practice because play action would exist and the defense would have to ponder how to defend both the run and the pass on anything other than third and very long (which would be rare since running well means you aren't in 3rd and 6+ often).