It actually doesn't -- and that's our problem.
by btd (2014-12-29 15:39:00)

In reply to: Can't someone simply point out to the PTB  posted by Bellcon

The true business case shows that ND makes as much money with 4 or 5 losses as it does with an undefeated season. That's our problem -- the admin has done the business case.

The reality is they probably don't make $10 to $20 million more per year if the team is a playoff level team. Thus, they really don't make a higher ROI. Instead, they probably at best only recover that increased investment.

The reason to invest the money -- the business case -- is the intangible benefits of being the best you are capable of being. To live up to the ideal of trying to be #1 in everything you do. That was ND's mission for about 90 years starting with the Rockne era. That mission no longer is held by ND. We are happy to "be in the conversation" / somewhere in the top 50.