I would like to see one thing specifically
by Bellcon (2014-12-29 14:40:14)
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  In reply to: How would you fix ND football?  posted by Ty Webb

An AD with some swagger and attitude. ND has no one else to speak for them or defend them except the President, AD and the Head Coach. Other schools have their conference presidents and at the end of conference schedules even other teams and coaches speaking to how great a team so and so is. To do that:

1) Stop giving a shit what other schools, conferences and ESPN think of what you do. Just do what makes you the best and never apologize for it. If Notre Dame wants to pay Chip Kelly, Saban or Meyer 15 million a year so be it. Stop worrying about what image that will create.

2) Everything you say and do should convey the image that we educate our students in the classroom to be the best and we coach our kids on the field to be the best. We never back off of that goal and we never ask our kids to "take it easy". And if, and it is a big if, Notre Dame Football ever gets back to the top, you make sure that everybody knows what Notre Dame graduation rates are for their athletes and their black athletes. And don't be afraid to point out how pathetic other schools are comparatively. Point them out by name. They may not like it but they also can't defend it. And don't give a shit what they think.

3) We coach our kids a certain way and we discipline our students and players a certain way. And we don't have to explain ourselves to the ESPN's of the world.


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