#1 - Decide what the goal for ND football should be
by SEE (2014-12-29 14:29:25)
Edited on 2014-12-29 14:33:30
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  In reply to: How would you fix ND football?  posted by Ty Webb

In the 40s ND was committed to being #1 and out worked and outflanked everyone under Leahy. Now it seems like the goal is to be "in the conversation" and keep $$$ flowing.

#2 - Understanding number one, spend a shit load of time root causing every aspect of the program that isn't in line with the goal.

#3 - Develop approaches to fix #2.

I don't think ND is very clear on #1 that puts it in no-mans land. Until ND makes it their goal to be the top program in the country, there will be tepid moves.


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