2 is the most important.
by Shadyirish (2014-12-29 14:27:06)

In reply to: How would you fix ND football?  posted by Ty Webb

#1 is important to the extent it supports #2.

I don't think recruiting is a problem, ND has continued to recruit well despite two decades of mediocrity on Saturdays, so I'm not particularly concerned with #4.

The facilities stuff, I'm all for nutrition, strength and conditioning, and practice facilities being state of the art. Given that I don't think recruiting is a problem, I don't see any reason for ND to waste money building glitzy playgrounds for athletes that separate them from the normal student body.

In some respects, too, I think less is more at ND. Not when it comes to things like S&C and coaching, but all the bells and whistles. I think it benefits ND, long term, to set itself apart and not try to be like everyone else. ND has lost confidence in its way of doing things though because of mediocre results, but the problem has been coaching. Fix that, and all those things the some people now feel are anachronisms become, instead, the Notre Dame way. That's a much better selling point than, "See, we have a jumbotron too."