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by Ty Webb (2014-12-29 14:15:38)
Edited on 2014-12-29 14:19:09

In reply to: Hire a person who will be an outstanding HC at ND. The  posted by KevinPS

One, the point on JUCOs is not to suddenly start grabbing JUCOs left and right. It's to strategically and sporadically use them to fill holes. Sure, Bama doesn't win with just JUCOs, but they've used them to fill unexpected holes that developed due to injuries, recruiting busts, etc.

The Gug might be "fine" but it's not the best. And it goes beyond the actually design. A constant desire to upgrade and keep the Gug at the top of the facilities arms race shows a true commitment to the program.

Let's recall that the Gug only got built because the donors threaten to pull the donation as ND delayed the project and tried to get them to move the funds into other projects. The Gug wasn't the result of forward thinking by ND. It was the result of ND being threatened.