This is how I would start
by Rocket7 (2014-12-29 14:12:35)
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  In reply to: How would you fix ND football?  posted by Ty Webb

1.) Hire an elite coach.

Those that are saying the stars aligned for other big time hires are missing a broader point, those schools (Alabama, OSU, UofM) targeted an individual and made him an offer that they knew would be accepted because of their due diligence.

For ND, I don't think it's necessarily the money; it's the package and offer. Hypothetically speaking, if ND knew Stoops was available and that is the direction they wanted to go, they should make a serious offer. He is making ~$5M a year at OU. Make the offer in the neighborhood of $6.5 or $7M a year. Tell him that whatever his assistants are making, they can expect a 25-30% raise as well. Tell him that he can have a say in player disciplinary hearings, but the final decision rests elsewhere. JUCO's will be considered on a case by case basis. ND will follow the NCAA guidelines as it pertains to qualification but also their own. If a player is qualified by NCAA standards but not ND's, they will be reviewed on a case by case basis. He will have X amount of exceptions but as soon as a JUCO or player he used an exception on messes up, there will likely be a significant reduction in the process. ND will also up the support staff to the number of people he had at OU, so long as it is legal under NCAA rules.

2.) Allow Swarbrick (or any other AD) autonomy.

Perhaps this should be #1 and it is very similar to yours. The President and AD should trust one another and be on the same page. There should be contingency planning meetings now for the inevitable scenario of replacing Brian Kelly, for whatever reason. Those two should come to a mutual understanding as to what the ideal candidate's background should look like, and they should discuss potential hurdles that need to be overcome and have answers for them that are given during the offer.

3.) Self review their operations.

Contact Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly and other successful coaches and see where ND is lacking and what is being used against ND on the recruiting trail. Enlist Holtz if necessary to call on his contacts to try and get some answers.


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