I have a feeling we're going to see monster
by cj (2014-12-29 13:13:27)
Edited on 2014-12-29 15:24:04
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  In reply to: the biggest sin that they never corrected  posted by jt

athletic/highly skilled lines on both sides of the ball and a pulverizing version of smash mouth football not seen in the Midwest in a long time.

I also believe he'll have a stable of 230 pound plus backs to do his bidding.

He will not care one iota about education if it stands in the way of a NC.

I believe right now he's demonically possessed.

The um admin/higher ups would do well to stay completely out of his way. Only they can muck this up now....

PS Had Ginn played I believe the 9ers beat the Giants and then the Pats.

I also think Harbaugh should have called time out when they got to the 7, brought the team in and got them so yoked about getting the final 7 yards. They would have broken that TO huddle loaded for bear. Everything's easier the day after....

Your take on that series is spot on.


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