No I didn't
by HTownND (2014-12-29 13:13:19)
Edited on 2014-12-29 13:15:18
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  In reply to: You screwed up that Note  posted by RJD

It wasn't a game note, it was a post, somewhere else, that talked about how Kelly was one of two coaches to win 12 games at two different places (and that wasn't the first time it was posted).

As to the game note, it's much easier to remove bowl games from the discussion (especially when they lose).

And of those 4, Kelly is still the only one never to win a major bowl game, ever. Not even once. Moreover, two of those guys have won titles, so they are decidedly, several leaps and bounds better than our coach. He doesn't belong with those 4 guys in any meaningful metric (outside of contrived regular season bullshit you spouted), he is inferior to them in every single possible way.

The only people that talk about undefeated regular seasons are Bama fans when addressing the 73 season, and apparently, recently, fanboy subsets of Notre Dame's fan base.

But whatever keeps you warm at night. Obviously forgetting that 1/7/13 happened is part of that therapy.


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