What would ND do if they were in Michigan's shoes?
by Bruno95 (2014-12-29 13:10:59)
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  In reply to: The Harbaugh rationalizations from the ACP are pathetic  posted by ACross

They'd assume their high-profile alum were dying to come back to ND. They would do him the favor of letting him finish out his season before contacting him, because they'd know he were just waiting for The Call.

Then, they'd introduce themselves and offer a very generous salary. USD 1.5 million, PER YEAR, plus another $1 million to hire a staff full of the finest self-selectors in the profession.

After losing him to the Raiders/Jets, they'd be flummoxed, then would make the same offer to Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitz would fulfill his childhood dream of actually declining an ND offer.

Then they'd make the same offer to Charles "Chuck" Martin, good man, ND fan, not entirely "proven" at the "Division I" level. After a bounce-back 8-4 season highlighted by a competitive first half against USC, they would extend him through 2025 and include a $3 million/year buyout clause, just because.


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