I'm curious as to big donor interest in football success
by Irish2003 (2014-12-29 13:05:14)
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  In reply to: ND would not have to disclose the salary  posted by ACross

Others have posted that the PTB seem happy with the Notre Disney status quo, and while I can unfortunately see the ivory tower crowd wanting to emulate the Ivies rather than the SEC, I am genuinely surprised how folks who are at the top of the business world and highly successful at what they do would settle for mediocrity in ND's most visible sport and a pillar of the University that made us a global name. A good coach is better thought of as an investment that more than pays for itself rather than an expense, and may actually cheaper than buying out failed coaches. As others have mentioned, schools like OSU and Alabama have big boosters who take care of the coach's salary, allowing the AD to focus on the cream of the crop and give them an attractive offer. I hate UM, but have to give them credit for giving Harbaugh a salary more than most NFL coaches, especially with him being at a good job (even if him and Baalke don't get along) and his old NFL team having an opening plus a talented roster where he could win right away. If donors need an ego boost similar to an endowed building to put the money up for a good coach, I'd have no issue with creating the Seamus McRichpants Director of Football title to get the damn thing going.


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