You may be right
by Quietman (2014-12-29 13:04:36)
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  In reply to: It's going to be an interesting next 13 months  posted by El Kabong

I actually think he may jump after the bowl game, too many open NFL jobs and Kelly does not miss opportunity, odds are there will not be many next year.

If he doesn't go this year, he will win 10+ next year. Kelly is a solid coach, he will have too much solid depth and experience to not produce a ten win season. And if he gets that 10 win season, he wont jump to the NFL, he will be too close to a NC (Kelly is ambitious to a fault) to let it slip away.

I think Jack should have went after JimH this year, up the ante and swiped his ass under Michigan's nose. The timing of it all would have been perfect, let Kelly play his bowl win, fire him, announce JimH the next day, watch Michigan fans leap by the dozen from the nearest bridge.


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