Yes, just a bit.
by bf101519 (2014-12-26 11:27:20)
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  In reply to: Is it accurate to say our recruiting class is lackluster?  posted by ACross

It's not a bad class, but it certainly lacks the "five star" guys. From my untrained eye, and ear to the floor on B&G Illustrated boards, here's my best summary:

Best Potential early Impact Guys: Wimbush(QB), Tillery(OL), Hoge (OL-Center), Barajas/Bilal/Coney (LBs), Sanders/Boykin (WRs). I'd put RB Josh Adams on this list b/c I think he's a stud, but we all know how Kelly and young RBs turn out.

Biggest Area of concern: elite DL. Always seems to be the big issue. Really don't understand why we can't land some of the big fish out there. I count 3 D-Line prospects total in this class, and that really worries me, although I know we recruited a ton in last years class. I know there is always a chance the coaching staff moves someone over from OL to DL (a la Jarron Jones), but nonetheless 3 is a weak number and it will put extra pressure on DLine recruiting in the 2016 class.


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