Crystal Ball time - What will be the next game changer
by graNDfan (2014-12-26 11:00:30)
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that ND will lead the College Football world with (if any)? What would you want to see?

Some the things (real or imagined) that ND can claim credit for in the past:
Use of the forward pass (Dorais-Rockne)
The shift (Rockne?)
Recruitment of Post war vets (Leahy)
TV Contract

I've missed a lot, but each one of these pushed ND to the forefront of college football. Most of the things that we have done since the 90's have been reactionary (ACC, hiring a spread coach). To me, the Crossroads expansion does not fall into this category.

Given where things are going, which I think is eventually going to lead to the NCAA split, what should ND have on it's strategic planning agenda to get out in front again?


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