ah, the disgruntled Eagles fan. Maybe you should know
by steelhop (2014-12-24 21:02:45)
Edited on 2014-12-24 21:03:48
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  In reply to: Strong analysis.  posted by jakam31

what you are talking about instead of viewing what is going on from an Eagle's fan perspective. did Chip Kelly pull a less than 35 yard field goal or a 43 one?

Last year the Eagles scored 442 points, this year through 15 games they've scored 435 - maybe a little more on special teams but not appreciably different. They have used 7-8 different starting OLs - that has destroyed any semblance of a running game. Sanchez is certainly not ideal to run his offense but they are still scoring a ton of points even with the turnovers. What did you expect Foles to only throw 2 INTs this year...turnovers, especially INTs, were bound to go from last year. One of the problem with turnovers is that they are contagious - see ND as a prime example.

The last pick by the Skins last week was a bounce that didn't go their way...guess what that happens. I know you don't want to hear it but that's what happens in football. Last year that pick hits the turf.

Stop listening to the talking heads that need to come up with asinine reasons as to why the Eagles didn't make the playoffs including Jackson being gone. he has been nothing but a headache down in DC. Matthews will be fine in the Jackson role next year. If you want to have an issue have it with Cooper who has dropped off the face of the earth.

You weren't bitching 3 weeks ago when the Eagles destroyed the Cowboys where you?

In addition to their OL having all kinds of problems, the Eagles secondary is awful. Griffin was floating balls in the air - Jackson made great adjusts - that should have either not been completed or picked but Williams and the other guy (name escapes me) are just plan not NFL CBs. Add in Cole being out last week and it was ripe for an upset (especially coming on a Eagle streak of Cowboys, Seahawks, Cowboys)...but for a kicker missing 2 field goals the Eagles would have won.

Or do you still want to play armchair disgruntled fan. As I said, you don't know what you are talking about.


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