How is 'no redshirting' a Kelly initiated complaint?
by FourLeafDomer (2014-12-21 08:50:26)
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  In reply to: I don't follow ...  posted by CJC

Notre Dame 'redshirts', in its own way and Kelly has used the term frequently. So it seems odd that Kelly would be complaining to his agent or Chris Mortensen about his inability to redshirt.

I can certainly see Kelly being "frustrated with the Administration" following the whole Frozen 5 and being pissed that he was the one left answering to the press day-in and day-out without being sufficiently informed as to what was happening with the proceedings. You could probably extend that to ND suspending players right and left when no other school seems to do the same.

So it seems that this might be a case where Kelly's frustrations, and even legitimate complaints, are being translated by others into more specific allegations. Mortensen or Breer hear "Kelly's frustrated" and translate that into the citing of the same cliche bromides that have been tossed around about Notre Dame and their "institutional obstacles to success" for the last couple of decades (i.e., no redshirts, high academic standards), neither of which are necessarily true.


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