To your last point - nothing guarantees success...
by bizdomer09 (2014-12-20 12:45:42)
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  In reply to: But not all successful coaches do meet the criteria  posted by ND_Navy

You're agreeing with one of the two central points of my and kbyrnes's posts. And one that I think Htown would agree with.

The other central point would be that Htown is arguing that his criteria are necessary for success at ND. It appears true that all successful ND coaches have met the criteria noted in his framework, unless you agree with SEEs contention about BC and Leahy. I think the strongest counterargument to HTown would be that these past results are not necessarily indicative of criteria that all future coaches must meet. But the evidence is pretty damn strong that the criteria in the framework should at the very least be well heeded and respected in future searches.


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