A complicated relationship
by oldbender (2014-12-19 15:25:17)
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  In reply to: Random question re: Dan Devine  posted by irisharab

As others have said, Devine was around at various times after he resigned(with a bit of push) for the super-Catholic who Father Joyce wanted in the worst way. I think, as the years went on, Dan probably got over some of his bitterness toward certain people at ND and some of the alumni who I heard him say many long years ago, about 1979 or '80 to be specific, could kiss "his rosy red ass". He and Moose didn't get along. There were stories floating around South Bend ding his tenure. And he wasn't blest with the warmest of personalities. And again, there were alumni who couldn't stand him. And the feeling, as I've said, was mutual. Probably his biggest mistake was succeeding Ara, especially since Moose was never comfortable with the exit strategy for Ara. Anyway, the years did mellow both sides and Dan did become closer to ND in retirement than he was when he coached here.


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