In the last century
by Jafman (2014-12-19 02:44:28)
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  In reply to: This isn't hard  posted by HTownND

4 people who have coached ND have successfully met your criteria - so we should expect a great coach every 25 yrs or so. None who have coached ND since the turn of the century are on your list, so we will be due in another decade or so.

Not withstanding your disclaimer, most everything about college football has changed since any of them coached - kids, parity, football-devoted talent, steroids, year round training, coaching salaries, dollars spent on football by schools not named Notre Dame, etc. So you can't skate just by saying "I know its not 1988" truly is not.

If you think it's as easy to get ELITE talent to come to South Bend over LA, Tuscaloosa, Palo Alto, or Tallahasee now vs then I think you are mistaken. Especially when elite talent plans to launch in 2-3 yrs, and isn't primarily interested in an education.

I really wonder if it's THE coach, or THE talent. A top 20 coach with top 10 talent could win many places. I think we have the former, but doubt we will be able to consistently vie for the latter. So winning will always be tougher here.

By the way, who would you suggest for a new coach who the ND admin would consider?


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