Who is our steward?
by Chuck84 (2014-12-18 19:22:22)
Edited on 2014-12-18 19:32:18
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I just received a nice Holiday ECard from Jim Swarthout and the Athletics Department. He looks us in the eye and tells us to enjoy the holidays with our family.

My instincts about people are pretty good. I think I'd like the guy.

I had the chance to meet him last year along with my fellow meanies at the Morris Inn bar. It was quite gracious of him to engage us and hear us out. Of course, such a gesture means nothing about the important stuff he handles. But, at a minimum, it's good to know there's a decent, warm guy running the show.

Yes, JT, he's a Notre Dame man, and despite the many things he's done that I can easily criticize and scrutinize, I want to like Jack. He appears to think, talk, and act too often like a damned lawyer. But, I believe that, deep down, he knows what's right and what's wrong for ND. I also think he has recently become rightly pissed at that apostate he went out on a limb to support.

Maybe it's because we have no choice. Maybe it's because I can't bear to live through more of these continuing cycles of failures. But, Jack, I want to believe in you. Show your fellow alums you're not going to let ND be used and allowed to wither on the vine. Prove to us you don't need a lot more data points. Assure us that you have a plan.

So, it all falls to you, our scruffy-bearded friend. I want to trust you, Jack. You're all we got.

Happy Holidays to you too, Mr. Swarthout. Now, please, no Jelly of the Month Club ... get this program fixed for the long haul.


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