Potentially, its Kelly's best team returning
by NDFANOK57 (2014-12-18 17:16:12)

In reply to: How do you figure? *  posted by El Kabong

ND was 6-0, and a ripped call away from upsetting no. 2 ranked FSU and being 7-0..I cant believe under those circumstances, they are prepared for a coaching search..And seeing what Fla and Nebraska settled upon, there are no obvious great coaches ready to come in..
Down the stretch was Kelly's worst performance yet at ND..Players have bad years, so do coaches, it could have been just a bad year..I'd like to see him coach what is a strong team returning over a newcomer..After next year, I think a much clearer picture emerges, both to the program's future,and the coach's future..
.I'm also impressed with the recruiting class..Right now, its ranked no. 8 If he can add, he should certainly finish in top 10, outside shot at top 5.That should put the program on sound footing no matter who coaches in 2016.