If we're gonna play hypotheticals, add this wrinkle
by BlarneyGreen (2014-12-18 16:59:10)
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  In reply to: Hypothetically speaking, what happens by January 1  posted by whitefieldwarrior

You asked what will happen on 1 JAN. So...

What if we demolish LSU on 30 DEC? No, wait, that is not all. What if we beat them say 42-10, with 265 yards rushing, an even split in carries between Folston and Bryant, and 4 rushing TDs between the two (with Zaire accounting for another on the ground)?

Answers include:
A) You come down from the heroin-induced hallicunation that is the only possible explanation for that hypothetical.
B) Kelly departs for the NFL, because he proved he really CAN coach, and we are all sad.
C) Actually, B is really just a more drawn-out version of the heroin trip described in A, so we are back to A, only even more chagrined.
D) We keep Kelly, because it just doesn't matter; in the eyes of the admin, he has changed his spots (for real this time); in the eyes of the fans, he has just further proved his irredeemable stupidity because, dammit, he could have been doing that all year.
E) Bruno95 porks AkaRonMexico's mom.


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