If that is true, it's not very smart.
by mkovac (2014-12-18 16:19:04)
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  In reply to: The rumors now are....  posted by BigNDfan

They will be negotiating against themselves when they start talking numbers to the guy who wants the job.

Michigan: "Ok. Let's talk numbers."

Prospect: "Ok. I'll take what you offered Harbaugh."

Michigan: "Those were just rumors. We don't have that kind of money to offer you."

Prospect: "I heard it on good authority that you DID offer him that amount. My agent talked to his agent. Starting off by not telling the truth is not the way to deal with me. I won't lie to you, so you should not lie to me. It's something called trust."

Michigan: (pregnant pause). "Ok. I'll get back to you. Where's your agent? He was supposed to represent you here today."

Prospect: "He got me in the door. From here on out, I represent myself."

Michigan: "Ok. That's good. That's good. Want a bagel chip?"


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