I don't think you're going to get airtight proof
by Chuck84 (2014-12-17 18:20:06)
Edited on 2014-12-17 18:23:50
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  In reply to: Honest question: When did it become clear to everyone  posted by sophomaniac

But, in addition to the constant Tweets and idle Internet chatter, I can promise you I have heard from many reliable people tied to ND (many who have nothing to do with NDN) and in the sports media in general. They all corroborate these stories.

Put together with his statements after the Philly dalliance two years ago, it all seems very credible. No one seems to be denying these flirtations by his agent and you can bet it's happening with his consent. I think it's safe to conclude he wants an NFL gig and he's reaching out again this year.

Whether he gets an offer is another thing.


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