Of course Robinson would struggle as rookie
by PA_DoubleD (2014-12-17 17:27:40)
Edited on 2014-12-17 17:29:57
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  In reply to: Current Ability v. Potential  posted by rkellyatrecess

because he barely pass blocked in college, and now he's going up against some of the best pass rushers in the game. Stanely, as we all know, has plenty of experience pass blocking this year and last. Strength is the last thing NFL teams are concerned about when drafting a 21 year old LT. They know the kid will gain strength in an NFL workout program and as he matures, so it's about the raw athletic tools, which Stanley has in boatloads. Gabriel says as much in the article. It's not a must that Stanley plays LT his rookie year anyway, Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews started at RT their rookie years, while Robinson started at LG before moving to LT due to injury.


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