Is anyone really prepared to secure a viable replacement?
by Queensman (2014-12-17 16:56:58)
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  In reply to: Question for the group ...  posted by Chuck84

I guess my answer is that we're probably as prepared as anyone these days. What schools in memory really seemed to have their shit together and hired an all star coach? In retrospect, the best hires I recall are:

1) Saban, Alabama - however this is after they tripped all over themselves trying to hire Rich Rod and thought they had him and finally got turned down. While this was going on, Saban realized this NFL shit wasn't for him. Then Alabama backed up the Brinks truck to get him to save face from the Rich Rod diaster (i.e. blessing).

2) Carrol, USC - I think we all know what a clusterfuck that hiring process was. Carrol was choice 5 or 6 and everyone laughed at them when they made it.

3) Meyer, FLA - Everyone loves Foley for his hiring of Meyer and McElwain. But he was also responsible for hiring Zook and Muschamp...both of which turned out so bad that he a month head start on everyone else to find their replacements. And there is no guarantee McElwain turns out to be any good at FLA.

4) Meyer, OSU - The result of a huge clusterfuck with Tressel and being forced into using an interim coach for a year. Meanwhile as it turns out, one of best coaching minds decides to hang it up and do some announcing. That coach was also born and raised in Ohio and sitting on the sidelines when it was time for OSU to find a full time replacement.

5) Tie Chip Kelly, Jimbo Fisher, Mark Helfrich - All of which were internal hires and products of their system. This is more of testament to Mike Bellotti and lesser extent Bobby Bowden than their AD's.


Ultimately, based on #5 above, it turns out that its Lou Holtz's fault we're in this mess to begin with! He had to go and hire Bob Davie and curse us with 20yrs of mediocre football. (kidding)

Who cares if we're prepared, its more about whether we're gonna get lucky.


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