OK, then give him credit for games we lost in other years...
by MattyMcD (2014-12-17 16:53:41)
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  In reply to: And let's look further into 2012 . . .  posted by peeps

Michigan/MSU/Tulsa 2010 - That makes us 11-2
South Fl/Michigan/FSU 2011 - That makes us 11-2
I guess 2012 could have been a stinker... but if we're calling 9 point margin of victory a toss-up,
2013 was another 11-2 season
FSU/NW/Louisville would make us 10-2 at this point.

Boy, it seems like BK is pretty consistent.

Again, with all of that said, he still has a couple of bad losses each year that can't be explained away by 'not getting the breaks'. Just be objective. We don't need to cherry pick or be subjective with stuff here. He has been better than the last three awful coaches, but we want greatness, and that would not describe his tenure here. If we can find a great coach or even a really good coach, we should go for it.


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