Because of the way he handled it last time
by ACross (2014-12-17 16:48:05)
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  In reply to: Why should ND be upset if Kelly is pursuing the NFL?  posted by irishaddict

10 hours after the final gun, then not answering Swarbrick's calls for 3 days, and not informing the assistants.

So, he has lost any right to expect the benefit of the doubt from ND. Swarbrick told him that if did it again (explored other jobs), that was his prerogative, but that he would be asked to leave.

ND is right to expect total commitment. There are consequences of a transition, and ND would be prudent to be prepared for them and to mitigate any fallout (leaving prospective recruits in a lurch, risking attrition of recruits and players, doubts about future direction, among other things)


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