You can't just pretend that 2012 didn't happen
by MattyMcD (2014-12-17 16:44:42)
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  In reply to: BK's record x-2012 is staggeringly mediocre  posted by mmetzger

Was it a statistical anomaly when compared to the other years? Yes! But it was sustained success for an entire 12-game season. It's the best coaching job we've seen since Holtz.

Would you rather have 3 losing seasons? Why is 9 games the arbitrary measure of success? If you take Davie's best season out, he's got one good year and 3 horrible ones.

With that said, it is true that BK has not won enough (outside of 2012). I just wish that we wouldn't cherry pick statistics to fit some narrative. He hasn't been good enough for this program and its history. This is a true statement. Another true statement would be that he has improved the program from where it has been over the last 15 years before he got here. If he goes, the program will be in good shape for the next guy... much better than what he inherited.


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